Captain's Log: Week 7!

Spring break is over, so it's time for our Monday ensemble to get back to work! It's always hard to refocus after time off but with the show cast everybody was ready to start getting the show on its feet. We played some "Yes, Let's" to get the nervous energy out and then an ingenious game that Kaylie came up with to learn about volume and dynamics. One by one we stand on one end of the room and say hello to a character close then far then all the way on the other side of the room. Sam got to show off his skills and Anna made her voice heard.

After that we did a run through of Scene 3 with our cast. A first draft but plenty to work with. I had a fun time hiding with Ben until the time Fredrick makes himself known. After working on music Anna led us in I take and we headed home.

Our Friday ensemble kicked off the first week back from spring break by learning the rest of the words and choreography for "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General". Lucy nailed each of the dance moves and proudly stepped up front to be a fabulous leader for the rest of the class. Now that the show has been cast, our actors are really able to dig into their roles, and Emma gave us a great glimpse into how awesome her Ruth will be.