Bring A.B.L.E.’s teaching artists to you to build skills, improve communication, and create more inclusive environments. 

At A.B.L.E., we truly believe the arts are for everyone, and theatre training can build more responsive, adaptable, empathetic, and confident individuals. If you are a school, organization, group home, or other community center looking to expand programming for individuals with developmental differences, we would love to partner with you. 

As with our core programming, on-site sessions incorporate movement, vocal, and improvisation exercises to engage different learning styles. Each class follows the same basic format: dance party, physical & vocal warm ups, check in, theater and improvisation games, and group activities, with specific curricula developed to meet the interests and needs of your group.

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Workshops are one-time classes, typically 2 hours in length, and focus on a particular set of performing skills. Some available topics include improvisation, physical theatre, on-camera acting, Shakespeare, puppetry, devising characters, and musical theatre. We can also work with you develop personalized workshops.



Residencies are multi-day courses ranging from 5 to 12 sessions.  A.B.L.E. staff will work with your organization to develop a curriculum and schedule that suits your participants. Residencies culminate in a performance for invited guests to celebrate our hard work and new skills!

Professional Development

Ideal for educators, caregivers, teaching artists, or anyone hoping to learn new skills for communication. Our teaching artists and veteran ensemble members can come to you for a hands-on workshop. Learn our unique approach to theatre education and best practices for working with individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Previous Outreach Partnerships

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