Meet our Facilitators!

We asked our facilitators and teaching artists a few questions about ABLE. Here's what they had to say-



What's a new side of yourself that ABLE has let you explore?

"ABLE has really allowed for me to explore the actor/singer/dancer in me. Being able to be silly and let loose helps to encourage the actors to further dive into their craft as well!" -Beth

"My GOOFY side.  The weekly dance party is outside my comfort zone, but I love it." -Matt


What is your go to post-ABLE snack?

  "PBJ and popcorn" -Susan 

"Vanilla milkshake and a burger"-Sean

"Snack? Dinner!! Post-ABLE pizza is the best." -Kendra


What's something about working with ABLE that has surprised you?

 "I studied acting and directing in college - it was (surprisingly) very serious work. Working with ABLE has been a great reminder that being on stage can sometimes just be silly and fun"-Kendra

"I thought I'd enjoy working with the students, but I didn't know how much I'd LOVE them!  They are so awesome.  Every week, I can't wipe the smile off my face after class." -Matt

"Just how rejuvenating working with these kids is! Most Mondays are long and hard at work, and sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to make it through a class. But as soon as I see their eager faces, all of that melts away, and class always feels like it ends too soon!" -Parker

What is your dream dance party playlist?

"Any playlist with "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" is ideal." -Braden

 "Our 70s disco mix from a few weeks ago was a lot of fun!" -Kendra

"Anything we can sing along to!" -Lindsay

What is your favorite ABLE memory?

"My favorite memory was going on for my first ABLE show, A Christmas Carol, in December. I was so much more nervous than any on the students, but they got me through it! Finishing the show offered such a great sense of accomplishment and pride; working with the students who put as much effort and exploration into these pieces of theater as any professional actor would really reinforces the fact that theater can be and is for ALL of us" -Braden

"Seeing the kids rally around somebody having a bit of a rough day or a tough moment in class. They immediately get them up on their feet and back with the ensemble" -Lindsay

Who has been your favorite character to drop in?


"Definitely Ruth (in Pirates of Penzance). She has so much fun in the show, and the kids have so much fun playing her." -Parker 

"Scrooge during his transformation.  I had so much fun discovering Scrooge's realization with Colleen." -Sean





What show would you love to see ABLE do and why? 

"Macbeth. We've already seen some awesome witch-action from some of our ladies! Would love to explore a Shakespearean drama!" -Susan

"HAMILTON. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE. Phantom of the Opera? Who knows. The teaching artists always have something up their sleeves." -Beth

Who is your favorite pirate? 

"I gotta go with Smee from Peter Pan!" -Parker

"Cap'n Crunch" -Kendra

"Captain Hook" -Beth