Captain's Log: Week 4 Rehearsals!

Friday night kicked off with a spontaneously tiger-themed dance party! First we boxed and jogged to "Eye of the Tiger" and everyone was impressed that Marissa and Sam P. knew all the words. Then, we "Roared" to Katy Perry. Dance Party is such a fun way to begin class each week and helps us all transition from school and work.

Before starting scene work, we played a new ensemble game called "Guess the Word." Half of our ensemble would pose, acting the same emotion, and the others would guess and describe what they saw. Natalia and Lucas were excellent guessers! We were in love, heartbroken, guilty and brave --  all emotions also found in PIRATES OF PENZANCE.

On Monday night, we finished the story. and at long last we got to see the outcome for the Pirates, the Police, Frederick, and Mabel. Some very exciting moments took place during character squares where everybody jumped full force into each one of the characters, trying out a little bit of everything. Sam played an elderly Ruth, Claire was a very jolly Major-General Stanley, and Emily K was the sassiest daughter. In preparation for next week's auditions, we practiced slating (introducing ourselves) and announcing our audition pieces. Anna (with only one show under her belt) slated like a pro and Ben couldn't help showing his singing skills.  Our ensemble is definitely ready for auditions next week, We can't wait!!