Production History: WHAT YOU WILL (2015)

Who are you? Where do you want to go? What do you love? What do you want? What is your story?



Throughout a structured 10-week rehearsal process, the A.B.L.E. ensemble, comprised of 19 young actors with Down syndrome, looked at the elements of storytelling – character, relationships, setting, objectives – and worked together to devise their own scenes around the central theme of identity. We split into two separate groups - The Lemons and The Limes - to work on these story elements and then broke into 4 smaller teams to create complete unique stories. We shared our creative process on the block - click here to read our posts. Our ensemble produced a truly one-of-a-kind show. They shared monologues in their own words about what matters to them (see videos below), performed an awesome mash-up musical number in the spirit of Glee!, and shared tales that ventured from home, to school, to the desert and beyond with characters ranging from the everyday Moms and Doctors to fantastical Wizards, Queens, and Werewolves.

Rehearsal Gallery


Saturday December 12, 2015 at Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre

The A.B.L.E. Ensemble

Colleen Altman

Quincy Bane

Marissa Bloodgood

Alena Brown

Rachel Buchanan

Jack Butler

Ben Collins

Samuel Floersheimer

Natalia Janik

Fletcher Jones

Andrew Kosnik

Emily Kwidzinski

Emily Lavin

Mila Medina

Lucas Miezal

Claire O’Leary

Sam Petri

Sam Radinsky

Lucy Walsh


Teaching Artists

Lawrence Kern

Kendra Van Kempen

Peter Van Kempen

Katie Yohe



Somer Benson

Jennice Countryman*

Kaylie Honkala*

Eva Laporte

Zach Lewis

Kate Magon*

Sean Okerberg

Beth Sherwood*

Susan Sjodin

Becca Snedeker-Meier*

Lindsay Stock

* denotes first semester with ABLE


Lighting & Sound Technician

Eric Van Tassell

Behind the Scenes Gallery


Special Thanks

The Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls

Andrew Heckman for filming our performance

Rags of Honor for printing our ensemble shirts

Jennice Countryman for creating our lobby bio boards

Hannah Vilic for assisting with front of house duties

Our actors are working on a new devised show this semester. Mark your calendars for December 2nd and be sure to join us at The Biograph to see what we create next!