Actor Spotlight: CLAIRE!

Don't mistake this gal's kindness for weakness. Despite her calm and quiet personality, she loves playing strong, assertive roles and isn't afraid to be "the bad guy" in a scene. Acting lets her explore all different sides of her personality, and gives her a chance to show off her lovely singing voice and great dancing skills too! She is a kind and focused actress who likes to work hard during class, but also bond with her fellow ensemble members. 


I am 16 years old and just completed my 3rd semester with A.B.L.E. You might have seen me as Alice in Adventures in Wonderland, as the Super Villain Bre in What You Will, or as Viola/Cesario in Twelfth Night. If I could disguise myself as anyone or anything, I would be a superhero. I enjoy coming to A.B.L.E.  to have fun with my friends. I especially like being with Somer (A.B.L.E. Facilitator) because she makes me feel happy; I miss her between classes. I enjoy being part of the team, and I love when our dance party song is Katy Perry’s “Firework.” One thing I have learned from being a part of this ensemble is to relax and to let my light shine onstage!

Three words to describe me are: beautiful, happy, smart. I love listening to music, and reading, and I also know how to dance and play lots of sports. I can't wait to graduate from high school!

Seeing Claire onstage makes me feel proud, warm and fuzzy! ABLE has made such a difference for her. She feels positive about her abilities and she looks forward to participating every week!
— Claire's mom, Anne

jump to 1:49 to see Claire as Alice!

Claire will play Ivory Nightshade, one of the evil masterminds behind E.C.H.O. in our second feature film, The Spy Who Knew Me! You can help her get to the big screen with a tax- deductible donation to our Hatchfund campaign now through June 28th. You don't want to miss her evil laugh! Click here to make a contribution!