Rehearsal Log: WEEK 3

We're continuing to get to know our characters and going deeper into the story of Twelfth Night for our big performance coming up in May. You can get your tickets to see our show by clicking here, but in the meantime, our Facilitators Ariel and Lindsay are offering you a behind the scenes look at our third week of rehearsals here:


Monday Recap (by Ariel Hartman)

Hello friends! Monday was such a fun night- after our dance party, we did warm ups where we each showed off our tongue-twister-skills, then quickly reviewed all of the characters in Twelfth Night. 

Then, we learned some new Shakespeare vocabulary terms: Contempt, Beseech, and Conceal. A great way for us to get those terms to really stick in our brains is to act them out, so we each did an action that we felt really depicted these words. 

After that, we turned on some music and played a great game of "Character Hot Potato", but instead of passing around a potato, we passed around all the costume pieces of our Twelfth Night characters, and whenever the music stopped, we would put on whatever piece we were holding and take a pose as the character it represented! As you can see from the pictures, we had a ton of fun doing this. 

For the very last round of this game, whatever character we ended up with was the character we portrayed as we worked our way through the Play Plot of Act II. We got to act out some great scenes while learning what happens next in the plot and using the Shakespeare words we learned at the beginning of class!

Finally, it was time to learn the chorus to our second song, "Hey, Ho The Wind and the Rain" which also had some dance moves with it. But we learned them so quickly, there was even time at the end to review the first verse and chorus of "Sweet Viola" which is now stuck in all of our heads. 

Looking forward to next week where there'll be more singing, dancing, and we'll find out what happens in Act III!

Friday Recap (by Lindsay Stock)

This week we worked on remembering all the characters and reviewing the first two Acts of the play. After Somer led us in dance party and warm ups for our bodies, we warmed up our minds with our check-in question by telling everyone what our favorite article of clothing is. Quincy said she likes her green sweatpants best and we found out lots of us liked clothes that let us be comfy- but no one answered anything as silly as Malvolio's bright yellow socks!

Then we played Zip Zap Zop using the names of the characters in Twelfth Night instead. We took turns naming characters in the play and named every single one! Sam F. even remembered the tricky, "Malvolio"! Next, Sean led us in a game of "Musical Squares" where we walked in a circle until the music stopped, and then jumped on an open carpet square and posed like a different character. Marissa liked posing like the brave Sebastian best!

Next, we sang through the song we've been learning, "Sweet, Sweet Viola", and reviewed the first two Acts from the first two weeks of class. Then we learned what happens in the Act 3 Play Plot. Mila and Sam P. perfected their devious laughs as the scheming Maria and Sir Toby!

We ended class by journaling about the characters we liked playing best so far- and as we were reminded this week, there are A LOT to choose from!

As you can see, we're having tons of fun and learning a lot at the same time. We'll continue to keep you posted on our rehearsal process every week, so check back here every Monday and Friday to get updates and to learn more about our ensemble!