Friday Class Rehearsal Log: Week 9!

We started class with our usual dance party and warm-ups, though abbreviated so that we could do a full run-through of the show. Everyone was excited after having a week off, and were ready to jump into the show.


Our check-in question was to ask which character they were most excited about playing this week. Sam P. answered just by pointing silently, showing us that he was ready to be the Spirit of Christmas Future. 

We started our run of the show by rehearsing Carol of the Bells. As we began to put it on stage, Quincy and Lucas both offered suggestions as to how to choreograph the number. They showed us motions for ringing little bells, as well as wishing everyone Merry Christmas. It was a great collaboration that will get to show itself on stage.


We then ran the show from beginning to end. The actors were really starting to get into their characters are we are excited to see them continue to grow over the next 2 weeks. Alena is amazing as a repentant Scrooge, declaring to the Spirit of Christmas Future "I CAN CHANGE!" Similarly, Mila's Fezziwig can't stop dancing at her Christmas Party. Her Christmas spirit is infectious to everyone else in the scene.

After we finished our run, we had the actors think about 3 things as their check-out question to lead them into next week. We asked that in every scene they think about who their character is talking to, what emotion their character is experiencing, and what their body is doing while they are talking. We discussed how Scrooge has so many different emotions during the play and how they should all be acted differently.

Next week, we will work a few specific moments, and run the show again!