Facilitator Spotlight: ZACH!

We couldn't do what we do without our dedicated volunteer facilitators. You can read more about what these helpers do HERE. This week we're pleased to introduce you one of our fabulous facilitators....

Zach Lewis

Birthday: September 30, 1986

When you’re not at ABLE, what’s your job? On-Site Print Manager at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (Employed by Cushing Co.)

Tell us a bit about your performing and teaching background: BFA in Theatre from Sam Houston State University in Texas. Performed in many theatrical productions in Houston including Auntie Mame at Stages Repertory Theatre, Bus Stop at Texas Rep Theatre, In The Blood for The Back Porch Players, Post for Nightcap Theatre, and Smudge at The Landing Theatre. Previous teaching experience includes 5 years of martial arts training (Ages 5 - 50) and 1 month of teaching theatre to students (Ages 5 - 16) in Guyana, South America. 

Between Acting, Singing, and Dancing, what's your favorite: Acting       

Who is your favorite actor/performer? What do you like about them? Chance The Rapper is my favorite performer because he is from Chicago, he works with his friends, his process is influenced by improvisation and poetry, and his music is full of positivity and social commentary.  

How Long Have You Been With ABLE? This is my second semester volunteering with ABLE after having such a blast during the spring semester of 2015.

Favorite ABLE memory? My favorite ABLE memory is from the night of Adventures in Wonderland dress rehearsal. The students could hardly contain their excitement while waiting in the rehearsal room before going up to the main stage. Despite all of the obstacles, the tight spaces backstage and the litany of costume changes, the ensemble remained focused on the show and performed their duties as true professionals of the craft while having a blast!