Facilitator Spotlight: NETTE!

We can’t do what we do without our dedicated team of facilitators. They’re some of the best people around. In today’s spotlight, meet one of our newest teammates, NETTE!

What’s your name?: Nette Angelini

When’s your birthday?: 11/03/1995

Where are you from?: Darien, Illinois

How did you start volunteering with A.B.L.E.?: I started volunteering with ABLE just this spring! So incredibly excited to be a part of this. While I was getting my BFA from Michigan State, I worked with 4th Wall Theatre Company in Michigan, which has a similar mission to A.B.L.E. Their Founder (also named Katie), connected me with A.B.L.E..

What’s your job when you’re not with us?: My job when I'm not here is working at Chicago Line Cruises- an architecture cruise company! But of course I try and find time to audition and be that newly graduated BFA that I am. 

Nette all dolled up for a performance.

Nette all dolled up for a performance.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?: I love dancing! I take hip hop classes whenever my schedule allows. 

Do you have a hidden talent?: I can speak fluent gibberish. Practically pig-latin but it sounds much more ridiculous. I am very proud of this useless talent.

Who is your favorite performer and what do you like about them?: This is so tough! Performer wise, John Mulaney kills it every time for me. I adore his humor. Favorite actor right now.. that always seems to change but I guess my favorite actors right now include Brie Larson and Daniel Kaluuya. But I gotta give a shout out to the queen, Meryl Streep. ALSO I love Dwayne the Rock Johnson. A lot. I practically lead his fan club (see pic- my best friend and I sporting one of many Dwayne shirts)

Nette rocking a Rock t-shirt with her bestie.

Nette rocking a Rock t-shirt with her bestie.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?: If i had 1 million dollars I would most definitely travel. Then I'd save up, baby! 

What’s your go-to dance party song?: My go to dance party song now-a-days is Sunday Morning by Matoma ft. Josie Dunne. What a fun and upbeat tune!

Anything else we should know?: Other than working with A.B.L.E, I'm currently in level 3 of Second City's Conservatory Program. I also have the stellar opportunity of working with Humor for Hope- Using the rules of improvisation, Humor For Hope empowers children and families to cope with the ongoing challenges of trauma, acute, chronic, and terminal illness. 

Thanks, Nette, for supporting our adult ensembles! You can see Nette and our team in action in our devised show, A Night at the Movies on Tuesday May 14th!