At the Movies: Week 1

Our adult ensembles are back in action working on another original show to share with audiences this spring!

Now in our second semester, our adult ensemble is steadily growing. This term, we’ve welcomed 3 new actors - Ben (who recently graduated from our teen program), Maddi and Justice. We also have a host of new facilitators working with us - Nette, Claire, Matt, Kara, Somer, and Adele! Over the next 10 weeks, we’re working together to create an original show about the magic of the silver screen. Actors will reflect on some of their favorite films, and dive into scenes and monologues from the movies that have made a difference in their lives. The final production will incorporate both live and filmed performances on Tuesday May 14th at The Fasseas Studio at The Menomonee Club Drucker Center.


For our first week of rehearsal, we focused on getting to know each other as an ensemble and practicing skills that will serve us all semester. Our ensembles had a lengthy check in talking about some of our favorite movies. We’re an eclectic crowd with everything from classics like The Wizard of Oz, to newer musicals like Hairspray, famous franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars, and some other faves like The Princess Bride.

From there we played some favorite ensemble games like Circle Switch and Yes Let’s. We also played Moving Pictures - the group breaks into small and large groups and works together to make different pictures like a car, a dinosaur, a lion, and others. Some actors stay with us all day long, and others only join us for a half day, so the morning and the afternoon sessions each incorporate some different activities to keep things interesting. The AM team played a favorite improv game What Are You Doing and worked on making up solo movement pieces around their favorite movie snacks. In the afternoon, we played the improv game Presents, and took turns acting out some of our favorite Movies in a Minute. Andrew treated us to Hairspray, Jake acted out Space Jam, and even Lawrence and Somer treated us to their favorites Big Trouble in Little China and Bugsy Malone.

We had a lot of laughs and are off to the great start. In the weeks to come we’ll keep building our show adding scenes from some of our favorite movies, and writing our own monologues and scenes as well. Follow along with us each week to see our progress and hear stories from behind the scenes!