Rehearsal Log: Week 7!

With our roles assigned, and only 4 weeks to go, during week 7, we focused on staging the beginning, middle, and end of our show.

Teamwork is an essential element of any successful theatrical production. We can’t build a show without trust, cooperation and respect. In class, we emphasize our responsibilities as an ensemble (Listen, Focus, Keep Hands to Yourself, Try Your Best and Have Fun!) and focus on building relationships both onstage and off. During an A.B.L.E. performance, we showcase this teamwork in various ways. Obviously, each scene is a partnership but we also incorporate group numbers to celebrate the entire ensemble as one big team. Our production of Cyrano will feature several big group numbers. This week in rehearsal, we focused on setting these large pieces:

The Prologue! 

Look, we get it. Not everyone will know this story. So, before we jumpright into the action, our Monday and Friday ensembles will join together for a prologue introducing the audience to the character of Cyrano. We pass the hat, and the nose, to share a fact about him and dress the first Cyrano in the show (Sam P). Once Cyrano is ready, then we’ll start the play in earnest. This week, we worked on our lines and passing the costume pieces to each other to get Cyrano ready!



Members of each group worked with partners to choreograph a swordfight sequence. The Monday ensemble will show us Cyrano’s fight against 100 men (with Peter as Cyrano), and the Friday ensemble is staging the Battle at Arras where the brave Gascony Cadets face certain doom. Each group practiced their choreography this week, and we made videos to help practice at home.



It wouldn’t be an ABLE show without some music. Our version of Cyrano has a pop-rock flair featuring a big love song mash up by the Friday ensemble, and a classic rock anthem by the Monday ensemble. This week, our soloists got to try their numbers out for the first time, and we contined to work on choreography.


Curtain Call!

Yes, we’re rehearsing curtain call. No spoilers, but Cyrano ends on kind of a sad note, so we want to recharge the audience and celebrate our ensemble. We practiced our individual and group bows with an emphasis on sharing the spotlight and celebrating each other’s hard work.


With these elements in place, next week, we’ll work on blocking our individual scenes and getting into characters. The next few weeks will fly by! Grab your tickets and join us Thursday May 17th at 7pm for the special one-night-only event!

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