Facilitator Spotlight - MADELEINE!

We've been so fortunate to have a team of amazing and dedicated facilitators with us each week, and this semester we're lucky to be joined by some fabulous new faces as well! This week the spotlight is shining on one of those brand new faces- Madeleine!


Name: Madeleine Rostami

Hometown: Menlo Park, California

Why did you start volunteering with A.B.L.E.?
A.B.L.E. came to present at Seesaw Theatre’s Inclusive Theatre Festival this year. Katie
and Lawrence talked about their work and demonstrated dropping in with some very
talented ensemble actors. I loved what I saw and knew that I wanted to get more
involved. I’m brand new to the A.B.L.E. community, but I’m really happy to be here!

Headshot Pic.jpg

What’s your job when you’re not with us?
I’m currently in my final quarter at Northwestern University where I’m studying Theatre
and Cognitive Science. After that, who knows… But I’d love to keep working in inclusive
theatre settings!

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I love to knit. My grandma taught me when I was in 3rd grade and I’ve been dreaming up
projects ever since. I’m currently working on a baby blanket and collection of matching
hats for a friend back home in California. I’m also an avid hiker and make a point to
spend time outdoors whenever I can.

Seesaw Pic.jpg

Do you have a hidden talent?
I play jazz flute! I participated in nine years of band and jazz band starting in 5th grade
and also played piccolo for marching band at the football games, but not a lot of people
here know about my band girl past.

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Who is your favorite actor/performer? What do you like about them?
The answer to this question changes all the time, but I’m currently a big fan of Gina
Rodriguez, who stars on the TV show Jane the Virgin. I love that she balances authentic
vulnerability and a total goofy energy on screen. She’s also an awesome activist in real
life and I really admire that combination of arts and advocacy!

If you won a million dollars, what would you do?
The responsible answer is that I’d save it so that I definitely afford to go to grad school
one day. The impulse answer is spending it on a wild travel adventure. Currently on my
bucket list is returning to live in Ireland for a year or so. I’d also love to head to Peru,
South Africa, Iran (where my dad is from) and returning to some countries I fell in love with while in Europe last fall studying abroad.

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What’s your go-to dance party song?
I’m always a big fan of “I’m a Believer” by Weezer. Or also “All Star” by Smash Mouth.
Honestly the entire Shrek franchise just has great soundtracks.

What else should we know about you?
At Northwestern, I’m the Executive Director of Seesaw Theatre, an organization that
creates original, multisensory theatrical experiences for folks with cognitive differences
Our upcoming spring show runs May 10-12. My love for Seesaw is a big part of the
reason I’m here now with A.B.L.E.!

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