Facilitator Spotlight: KENDRA!

This week's spotlighted friend is one of the most committed members of our team. She came to one class as a guest artist to choreograph a dance number, and since then has become an important fixture onstage and off! In the past 5 years, she's brought her husband (Peter), her sister (Lindsay), and has even enlisted her parents to help for events too! She continues to choreograph dances for our ensemble, and serve as a lead teaching artist, in addition to bringing her business and event planning savvy to help us behind the scenes. We are so incredibly lucky to have her calm, patient energy in class, and are happy to introduce you to...


Kendra Van Kempen        


Birthday: January 5


Tell us a bit about your performing and/or teaching background: I’ve been performing since I was really little – but my breakthrough role was “Red 7” in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond circa 1994.


Between acting, singing, and dancing, which is your favorite way to perform?: I like acting while singing and dancing…


Do you have a hidden talent? I love to knit! And bake! And garden! (I’m secretly 70...)


Who is your favorite actor/performer? What do you like about them? Neil Patrick Harris – a true triple-threat.


How Long Have You Been With ABLE? I’ve been with ABLE since the Holiday Showcase in 2011. 


Why did you start working with ABLE? Have you done this type of work before? I’ve learned so much from performing and studying music, theater and dance – it’s great to be able to pass it along to our incredible teens.


Favorite ABLE memory from class or performance? Oh, there are so many but my favorite way to end a long work week is getting a hug from all of my ABLE friends.


What’s your go-to dance party song?  “Teenage Dream”


Thank you Kendra for everything you do to help our ensemble shine!