Friday Class Rehearsal Log: Week 2!

It finally felt like fall this Friday afternoon! A couple of high schools were celebrating homecoming this weekend so our class was small but mighty. It gave each of our teens a greater opportunity to participate in each activity and really explore the characters in A Christmas Carol.

Emily started class out by warming up our "movers and our talkers," really incorporating every ones body and voice in the warm up. Mouse/Lion and Peel Bananas were great ways to move our bodies and use our voices simultaneously.

Lindsay then led us through a game of Character Zip-Zap-Zop. Instead of saying the usual zip, zap, or zop, we instead said the name of a character in A Christmas Carol. This really was a good way to review the characters we had been introduced to last week. We remembered all of the characters after a few times around including Natalia's favorite the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come.

After a quick review of the characters we played a game of Party Quirks with the characters from A Christmas Carol. Sam P. made a great Scrooge, entering the party with a loud "Bah Humbug!" Alena impressed with her version of Tiny Tim.

Mila's Bob Cratchit is full of love!

Mila's Bob Cratchit is full of love!

Finally, Kendra led us through the story in Act One. We ran through it a couple of times so people could try out all of the characters in the scene. It felt odd to sing carols in October, but Quincy led us through a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells to start the scene.

Nephew Fred 

After journaling and I Take from the Heavens we were on our way off for the night. Next week we'll dig into Acts 2 and 3 and begin talking about Victorian London!