Facilitator Spotlight: LINDSAY

This week's spotlight is on one of our longest-standing facilitators. She has a great working relationship with each one of our actors. In addition to volunteering during class each week, she also serves as our Facilitator Coordinator. She handles scheduling to ensure we always have enough people in class each week, and assigns specific in-class roles to each volunteer (greeter/attendance, dance party DJ, warm-up, behavior management), to ensure everyone knows what they're supposed to do. We're pleased to introduce you to...

Lindsay Stock!

Birthday: July 5th

 When you’re not at ABLE, what’s your job?: Actor/Recruiting Coordinator for Bank of America

Tell us a bit about your performing and/or education background: I studied theatre at St. Norbert College, and I'm now an actor in Chicago! (editor's note: She's being humble. Lindsay had a major guest starring role on Chicago PD this season - Season 4, episode 3 titled "Actual Physical Violence" and works constantly in shows around the city. She's super talented.)

 Do you have a hidden talent? I can say the alphabet backwards

Between Acting, Singing, and Dancing, what's your favorite way to perform?: Acting

 How Long Have You Been With ABLE? I started volunteering in the fall of 2013. My sister, Kendra, and brother-in-law Peter were already working with the program.

Favorite ABLE memory?: My favorite part of any ABLE show is the song. All the kids singing and dancing- they just bring so much joy and passion and I'm reminded every time why I love being a part of this program!

What's Your Favorite Dance Party Song? Anything One Direction gets everyone in the room pumped up for class

We need some new facilitators to join us for the upcoming semester. We have big plans for workshops, and our performance as part of Shakespeare 400! If you or someone you know would like to join our team, e-mail us for more information (no previous acting experience, or guest starring roles on major TV shows necessary!)