Facilitator Spotlight: KATE

Our facilitators are a diverse bunch - many of them are, or have been, professional actors at some point, but we also have teachers, nurses, therapists, lawyers, and many others lending a hand in class. This week's facilitator has the COOLEST day job of any, though...find out more about:

Katherine (Kate) Magon

Birthday: December 13, 1960. I will be 55, the posted speed limit

When you’re not at ABLE, what’s your job?:   737 Captain at American Airlines

Tell us a bit about your performing and/or education background:  I graduated from Syracuse University in 1983. Got my first professional show my senior year in the traveling show, "Flashback", wth Syracuse Stage. Member of the Actor's Equity Association, SAG/AFTRA and the Allied Pilots Association.

 Do you have a hidden talent?  I'm a hell of a bartender.

Between Acting, Singing, and Dancing, what's your favorite way to perform?:   I love improv. Got to work with the Groundlings in LA, Second City and many other groups From New York to California.

 Who is your favorite actor/performer? Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep, they make it look so easy.

How Long Have You Been With ABLE? This is my first semester.

Favorite ABLE memory?: Watching Marrisa duplicate my mother character reprimanding her son for not cleaning his room. She did a fabulous job! Quick study. I was so proud of her.

What's Your Favorite Dance Party Song? Uptown Funk!

Thank you, Kate, for all of the help and enthusiasm you bring to class each week, and for keeping us safe while we're flying the friendly skies!