Facilitator Spotlight: BECCA!

Happy Thanksgiving A.B.L.E. Fans! We hope you all had a lovely holiday celebrating with family and friends. Let's keep the celebrations going by introducing you to more of our family. This week's featured Facilitator is also the aunt of our newest and youngest actor, Mila.

Becca Snedeker-Meier


Birthday: March 24


When you’re not at ABLE, what’s your job?: I have two internships right now. I am the education intern at CCT and a marketing intern at TimeLine Theatre.


Tell us a bit about your performing and/or education background: I began performing when I was in fourth grade. I slowly transitioned from stage to behind the scenes. I’ve been a part of run crews as well as designed sets and costumes. I’m currently studying theatre administration.


Between Acting, Singing, and Dancing, what's your favorite way to perform?: Acting


Who is your favorite actor/performer? What do you like about them?: My favorite actor is Robin Williams. I love watching him in almost any movie he’s done. His ability to completely become whoever his character may be is incredible and inspiring.


How Long Have You Been With ABLE?: This is my first session!


Favorite ABLE memory?: We were playing a game and I was dropping lines to Ben. It was a fairly simple script and it was the actors job to make the lines theirs. I gave Ben a line and he added his own spin to it and had me cracking up. It wasn’t just the attitude, he really got into his character.

We are so thankful for volunteers like Becca who keep our program strong, and we're also Thankful for YOU for all of the support and encouragement your offer to our ensemble.