Facilitator Spotlight: SEAN!

We took a break from our Friday Facilitator posts to celebrate the holidays but we're back this week and excited to introduce you to another member of our team. 

This week's featured facilitator brings a great sense of humor and a wide knowledge of comic books and superheroes to every class (invaluable stuff when connecting with some of our teenage actors!). Not only does he know a lot about superheroes, he plays them too! Find out more about...

Sean Okerberg

Birthday: 10/19/1975

 When you’re not at ABLE, what’s your job?:  Actor and Motion Capture Performer

Tell us a bit about your performing and/or education background: I got my MFA from Roosevelt Univ. in Acting.  I have performed on stage and in motion capture studios in Chicago, New York, and Texas. If you like to play video games, you've "played" me in Mortal Kombat and Injustice - I did the in-game motion capture for Raiden and Aquaman among some other characters. 

 Do you have a hidden talent?  I can play handbells

Between Acting, Singing, and Dancing, what's your favorite way to perform?: Acting

 Who is your favorite actor/performer? What do you like about him/her?: Simon Pegg.  I love how he created his own work and when on to play his dream roles.

 How Long Have You Been With ABLE? How did you start volunteering?  This is my second stage show and I did some behind the scene work with the movie. Lawrence and I have been friends for a long time; we went to grad school together and have worked on motion capture for several years. I've loved watching him and Katie work with this group through the years, and finally decided to join in the fun!

Favorite ABLE memory?:  Hopping on stage with Lucas as the White Rabbit.  I was going to make a full circle but he showed me where to go.

What's Your Favorite Dance Party Song? Brown Eyed Girl

Thanks to Sean and all of our awesome facilitators for making our classes so successful. If you or someone you know would like to join our volunteer team, contact us for more information.