The core of A.B.L.E.’s programs are it’s ensembles for young adults (ages 14-21).

The performing arts can foster social-emotional learning during this key stage of development. A.B.L.E. has developed a unique methodology to support a range of learning styles and abilities, giving everyone a chance to be in the spotlight. Ensemble members work together to create projects ranging from original plays devised by the cast, to Shakespearean classics, to one-of-a-kind feature films.


Teen Ensemble

Through the course of a 10-week semester, each actor will discover and hone his/her own personal performance skills, while developing the social skills necessary to contribute constructively to a group. Actors participate side by side with a staff of teaching artists and volunteer facilitators who share their own professional performing experience to create a final production staged in a professional theatre.


A.B.L.E.’s has two teen ensembles, meeting on Monday or Friday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm

The Ensemble program runs two semesters each season, September-December and February-May.

Each ensemble has a maximum of 10 actors staffed by 2 teaching artists and 3-5 volunteer facilitators for a 2:1 ratio, ensuring each actor receives personal attention and support. 

Teen ensembles are currently waitlist only.