Captain's Log: Week 1 Rehearsals!

Friday's class dove right in by creating stage pictures as an ensemble. First, we made a pirate ship complete with billowing sail (a breezy Marissa), Pirate Captain (Lucy kept us on course), two fierce sharks (expertly acted with JAWS theme music by Sam and Sam) and even a rescue from the plank (Quick thinking, Lucas!). Everyone came up with their own element to add, and it was a great way to set the scene for the first part of our story. We had to be creative, and work together to fully imagine the world our pirates might encounter. 

Later, we improvised the plot of PoP so we could start to learn the story. It turns out, Quincy had been spot-on earlier in class when she said she thought PoP was a love story! Even though it was Emma's first class, she was quick to volunteer to play Frederic, one of our main characters, at the top of the show. As we worked our way through the story, we traded characters and costumes, and our ensemble discovered the bumbling antics of the police officers, the loyalty of the pirates and the love between Frederic and Mabel. We can't wait to continue to explore what makes these characters tick and how we can best portray it onstage.

Monday's ensemble had a terrific first class. Our goal was to introduce ourselves to this semester’s play, the Pirates of Penzance.  

We started work right away with our tongue twister, the Modern Major-General.  Peter showed us the motions that accompany and Ben quickly demonstrated how to do it with panache.  We also learned the characters for the play while hitting a tableau for each one, Colleen showed us just how sassy the daughters can be. I think everyone is very excited for this next semester.