Production History: Short Film Festival (2011)

Happy 4th of July! Today America celebrates independence and ingenuity, and so here at A.B.L.E., that's a perfect chance to flashback to our 2011 Short Film Festival! In addition to working on well known classical theater pieces, we like to give our cast the chance to create their own work. The Short Film Festival was a first for us since it was the first time we gave the actors the reins, and also the first time we worked with film. Read on to learn more and see all of our original films! 

Semester Recap

During the summer of 2011, we continued to meet every Friday night.  In the first class,  threw a huge box of props and costume pieces in the middle of the room, and every actor picked an item they were drawn to. Through a series of improvisational games, each actor create his/her own character and story based on their chosen prop. During the remaining weeks, we turned each of these unique characters into a short film, with everyone getting a chance to be the star of his/her own movie. The raw footage was edited by Nathan Taylor of Capacitr, Inc. and turned into 8 very unique films spanning several genres from music videos, to silent movies, sci-fi, action, and a crime caper a la Ocean’s 11. We also created a group music video to "We're All In This Together" from Disney's High School Musical. The finished films were screened for family and friends in a special event at The Landmark Century Center Cinema. Actors couldn't get enough of seeing themselves on the big screen, and enjoyed hanging out afterwards to sign autographs and meet their fans. Here's a sampling of some of our creations, and scroll through to see pictures from the event!


September 18, 2011 at The Landmark Century Center Cinema

   The Films

We're All In This Together starring THE ENSEMBLE


True Magic starring ANDREW KOSNIK

The Tourist  starring EMILY LAVIN

 The Red Queen starring EMILY KWIDZINSKI

 The Painting Frog starring SAM RADINSKY

Alice Underground starring COLLEEN ALTMAN  

Paperback Writer starring RACHEL BUCHANAN


Lawrence Kern

Mallory Schuh

Katie Yohe



Josh Tammaro

Nathan Taylor


Reviews for The Short Film Festival

The film festival was so spectacular. Sure the parents, and other guests enjoyed it immensely, but the actors absolutely loved watching themselves and their friends on the big screen - not once, but three times. You could not pull these actors out of the theatre before every last bit of film was done...for the third time...
— Cheryl, an A.B.L.E. parent
We have been a part of A.B.L.E. since 2010, and my favorite production is still Andrew’s short film about the magician. I’ve watched it 50+ times; especially when I’m having a tough day.
— Catherine, an A.B.L.E. parent

We'll be journeying back to some of our past productions all summer long! Join us next week for Christmas in July as we flashback to our 2011 Holiday Showcase!