Creative opportunities for a healthy, happy life.

We believe theatre can enhance wellbeing for people of all ages! As they grow older, individuals with developmental differences are more at risk for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, and dementia. A.B.L.E. recognizes its responsibility to enhance meaningful creative and social opportunities for this population.



Through the course of a 10-week semester, each actor will discover and hone his/her own personal performance skills, while developing the social skills necessary to contribute constructively to a group. Actors participate side by side with a staff of teaching artists and volunteer facilitators who share their own professional performing experience to create a final project developed by the group.


A.B.L.E.’s adult ensemble meets Tuesdays 1pm-3pm.

the ensemble program runs twice a year, September-December and February-May.

Sessions are open to a maximum of 15 actors staffed by 2 teaching artists and 3-5 volunteer facilitators for a 2:1 ratio ensuring each actor receives personal attention and support.