At A.B.L.E., we truly believe the arts are for everyone, and theatre training can build more responsive, adaptable, empathetic, and confident individuals.

Let our staff work with yours to build skills, improve communication, and create more inclusive environments.


Professional Development workshops

Ideal for educators, caregivers, teaching artists, or anyone hoping to deepen their skillset with this population. Our teaching artists and veteran ensemble members can come to you for hands-on workshops. Learn our unique approach to theatre education and best practices for working with individuals with developmental disabilities. 



We are happy to see more individuals with disabilities represented in mainstream work.  If you are a professional theatre or filmmaker hoping to include an individual wth a developmental disability in your production, A.B.L.E.’s artistic staff can help. Whether you're casting, in rehearsals, or hoping to reach a broader audience, we can assist you in ensuring everyone is set up for success.