Through the course of a 2-week summer session, a crew of professional filmmakers and teaching artists will immerse an ensemble of actors in the filmmaking world while collaborating on an original screenplay written with each actor's strengths and personalities in mind. The session starts with a condensed 3 day pre-production process, where actors learn about costume sketches, storyboarding, marks and other film lingo, and perform a staged reading of the script for their families and sponsors. Filming takes place at various locations around the city and in studios with sets and green screens. Upon completion, the finished film will premiere at a local movie theatre giving the cast and crew a chance to see their work on the big screen.



Actors must have participated in at least 2 previous courses with A.B.L.E. to enroll for the film session. Film will feature a maximum of 20 actors. Each film shoot will be staffed with a 3 person crew, and at least 2 teaching artists, rounded out by additional teaching artists and volunteer facilitators to make a 2:1 ratio. Schedule varies day-to-day; not all actors will be needed on location each day. Reliable transportation is required to-from set. 


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