Captain's Log: Week 2 Rehearsals!

What a fun Friday night! Our ensemble warmed up by practicing the first verse of "Modern Major-General" that we learned last week.  Our actors must have rehearsed at home because we could do it much faster than last week! Marissa, Quincy, Natalia and Lucy were brave enough to try it all by themselves and they all did a great job! We don't know who will be Major-General Stanley in our performance so it's great this to practice as an ensemble for now!

Later in class, we each took a turn acting out the characters in PIRATES OF PENZANCE in front of an audience. Sam P. demonstrated what a bumbling pirate who is scared of pirates might look like, Emma showed us a very brave Major-General Stanley, and Samuel F. channeled his inner sass to portray the daughters. Each character has a costume piece to help us remember who they are and how they act. We used all the costumes pieces again when we learned scenes one, two and three at the end of class!

We were back to full attendance for a very productive second Monday class.  Kaylie led us in a warm up which found each of us introducing ourselves and giving one point of information, which was followed by an applause for each and every actor. The usually shy Anna soaked up the applause. We were also introduced to the beginning of the show and one of our songs. Sam got back into the swing of class playing Frederick followed by Emily K quickly picking up Modern Major-General.